How to live longer: Five habits you need to eliminate to increase your life expectancy


HOW TO live longer: Everybody wants to live a longer, healthier life free from disease, illnesses and the heartache that comes from it. We want to be there for our loved ones, and for them to be there for us. Turning around five unhealthy habits into life-boosting ways of life can add up to a decade onto your life expectancy. Find out exactly what they are.Simply The Best 7 Days A Week

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High blood pressure: Best meat to include in your diet if you want to lower your reading


HIGH blood pressure puts a strain on your hard-working arteries – the vessels that are responsible for carrying blood from your heart to the rest of your organs inside the body. The likelihood of life-threatening attacks increases as blood pressure rises and persistently remains at a high level. This is why diet can be super important in reducing blood pressure readings.Simply The Best 7 Days A Week

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